Shape Ideas. Plan Productions.
Create Results.

Scripts Script Writing
Creative stories to stand out from the white noise.
Commercials Commercial Production
TV & Web spots from concept to completion.
Podcast Podcasts
High Quality audio production, in field or studio.
Whiteboards Whiteboard Messaging
Unique, hand drawn stories with narration.
Animation Animated Stories
Conjectural ideas that need creative visuals.
Shorts Short Films
Lights. Camera. Action. Soup to nuts production.
Scripts Are The Foundation For Production.

Scripts Are The Foundation For Production.

As a consultative process, our script development team enables your ideas to create finished scripts ready for production. We'll mold your business message into a treatment that gets the creative juices flowing, offering up a pitch you can bring back to your team before script writing begins. Contact us for more information.

Sample Script (PDF)
TV & Web Ads that Work.

TV & Web Ads that Work.

Commercials that breakthrough the white noise of other commercials is what stands out to your customers. In combination with our script writing team, ad production services offered by Spires Creative compete with national spots at a fraction of cost from the Portland, Boston, and New York firms.

We provide:

  • 4k / 6k Digital Cinema Systems
  • Script Writing / Storyboards
  • Lighting Trucks / Gaffers
  • Production Crew / PAs
  • Location Scouting
  • Casting
  • Digital Ad Delivery
  • Non-Linear Video Editing (NLE)
  • Music Development

View our portfolio for samples of our past work and contact us to learn more about how we can help you get noticed on TV and the web.

Podcasts Make Connections

Podcasts Make Connections.

Successful podcasts start with you and end with the listener. In-between, the technical process of recording, mixing, editing, distribution and tracking is not always as straight forward as plugging a microphone into a computer. Let Spires Creative bridge the gap between you and your users with professional, multi-channel audio podcast recording. Services are offered in studio or portably at your home or office. We take care of all of the, recording, audio editing, show note writing, and transcription for your podcast so you can focus on creating great content.

Services include:

  • HiFi Audio Recording (192k sampling)
  • 1 to 8 Microphones Simultaneously
  • Multi-track Channel Recording
  • Portable Recording Solutions
  • Track Mixing / Editing
  • Noise removal and EQ
  • Distribution and Hosting
  • Professional Intro Voice Recording Available
Sample Podcast (MP4)
Reinforce Ideas With A Whiteboard

Reinforce Ideas With A Whiteboard.

Unlike online whiteboard companies, we actually use a whiteboard, markers and a real artist. No stock computer animations here. We also recommend adding a talking head, when possible. Presentation with a [real] face adds trust and the whiteboard reinforces key points. With our green screen filming, we make you a part of the presentation, placing you on screen when needed and sliding you off screen when the animation takes over.

Take a look at some of our whiteboard examples and let us know what your presentation needs are.

Animate Ideas With Graphics

Animate Ideas With Graphics.

Explainer Videos get concepts across to the audience with motion graphics and narration, better than just a talking head with PowerPoint slides. We take your message, conceptualize the design with a script and graphics, then pull it all together into a video ready for distribution on the web, tradeshow floor or TV.

View our Animated Explainer Videos and see how this process fits your needs; then contact us to discuss your needs.

Tell A Story

Tell A Story.

Making a short film can reinvigorate your creative drive. Short films are one medium where anything is both possible and acceptable. The biggest benefit of making short films is that they help the filmmaker find and hone his or her voice. It is an inexpensive way to experiment and learn what works. Unfortunately, many creative people haven't the access to professional studio equipment to get a project off the ground and their stories never get made.

At Spires Creative, we offer our studio and personel as a launchpad for your creative asperations. We're available for script consultation, budget planning; pre-production design, film production, and post-production. Every project is unique and each filmmaker's needs are different. Contact us today and let's discuss how we can get your producion on track and into festivals.