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Your Project Is Our Project

We believe that each client’s job is important, no matter how big or small. Attention to detail and aesthetics is first and forth most in everything we do, and it shows. Every project provides a different scenario for video work which requires us to be ready for any and every event.

It Starts With Image

Digital Video standards are the highest in the business and we know it well. Our studios have been working with DV for more than a decade, providing clean, vibrant video images from Broadcast quality video cameras. As technology upgrades, so do we. From lighting to lens choice, we produce high end video for the everyday person’s not so everyday needs.

  • Standard & High Definition videography, including 1080p Full HD
  • Commercial broadcast production qualities as needed
  • Single & Multi camera setups
  • Extensive lighting & Sound setups
  • OnLocation playback & monitoring
  • Production Solutions from Concept to Completion

Call, e-mail, or stop in the studio today to find out how Spires Creative can help you.

The Benefits Of High Definition

TV is changing. You hear about 'HD' every time you watch television, but when you understand the benefits, the 'buzz word' turns into a 'must have' for all your video production needs.

  1. Clarity. Digital is crystal clear and noise-free
  2. Wide-screen picture. Taking advantage of the actual human field of vision, HD uses a wider aspect ratio, which delivers a more intense viewing experience.
  3. Sharpness. In addition to clarity, HD provides a much sharper picture than analog video. Approximately 2 million pixels compared to about ½ million pixels in analog TV.

Comparison of SD vs HD image
SD vs HD image

Digital Video Production Editing

The most extraordinary video taping in the world can lose its value in the hands of the wrong editor. Spires Creative has the tools for video and audio editing with the knowledge to provide the right touch without effecting overall quality. Titling, graphics, audio enhancements, effects, and more can provide your project the lite sprinkles of creativity it needs to become a success.

Seeing Is Believing

All finished products are screened in real world settings inside the studio's theater before and after post production to verify audio and video balance. We encourage you to join us for this process and be hands on with your finished Work of Art.

  • Digital video transfer of production media to lossless HiQuality AVI
  • Multi track audio/video layering, mixing, and transitioning
  • Post Production integration of CGI, animations, titles, effects and more
  • Audio mastering and track mixing including effect processing and EQ

Call, e-mail, or stop in the studio to find out what Spires Creative can do for you.

DVD & Blu-ray™ Production

Spires Creative offers fully custom DVD production for even the most demanding projects. We take DVD to the extreme, utilizing the features like motion menus, subtitling, and DVD-ROM data.

What Is Blu-Ray™?

Blu-ray™ is the next-generation format used to deliver High Definition Video. Delivering 5 ½ DVDs on one disc, HD video gets to your HDTV in a small package.

Every disc we create has:

  • HighQuality, multi-platform Professional DVD & Blu-ray™ Production
  • Digitally Mastered MPEG-2 & H.264 video
  • Dolby® Digital audio - multiple tracks for extended delivery options
  • Hollywood style menu development, integrated audio and motion backgrounds
  • PC/Mac Platform DVD-ROM Content Delivery options available

Contact Spires Creative to discuss your video delivery needs.

Digital Audio Transfer

Your music and recordings are still good, even if the media they're on is old and out of date. Spires Creative provides audio transfer services that bring your tapes, LPs, and Reel2Reel recordings back to life on CD or iPod / MP3 file.

Today's technology allows us to not only digitize your audio, but to clean it up to original or even better quality. Annoying sounds such as scratches, tape flutter, low volume, and even background noise can be reduced and in some cases removed completely.

Audio Transfer Example 1

$15/30min of audio digitized • $10/CD master • duplications start $5 ea.
Audio cleaning and editing is done at $75/hr

Contact Spires Creative for an appointment to bring your media in for transfer.

Media Transfers Done Right!

Spires Creative Media takes pride in archiving your most cherished media on CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, and all digital formats. Treating your video transfers like they were our own, we digitize media without cutting corners and never compromise quality.

Spires Creative is proud to offer the following media transfer services:

  • Video To DVD - including VHS, 8mm, Hi8, D8, miniDV, and more
  • Film To DVD - 8mm, Super8, and 16mm
  • Photo/Slide Scanning - up to 4800dpi with color balance and cleaning
  • Audio To CD/MP3 - records, cassettes, Reel to Reel, micro, and more
  • Photo Montages - photos and video set to music for presentation
  • PowerPoint Video Encoding - embed video in PowerPoint presentations
  • Media Restoration - restore video, audio, and image coloring/quality

Archiving Family Videos To DVD

Transferring family home movies on DVD is a great way to preserve memories that won't last on video tape. Video tape has an average shelf life of 15 years, then you're on borrowed time. DVDs solve the problem by stopping the decay in digital form.

The Best Methods Create The Best DVDs

Unlike consumer DVD recorders, we digitize your videos and then computer process them for the best quality possible. This produces a sharper image and better sound, compared to systems which copy movies straight to disc. We trim blank video from the videos leaving you with up to 4 hours of watchable video on 1 DVD.

Additionally menus, titling, and editing services are available, should you need it.


$37.50 for 1hr of video • $7.50 / add'l hour; 4hr max per DVD • Copies just $10 ea.
FORMATS: VHS • VHS-C • 8mm video • Hi8 • Digital8 • miniDV

Film Preservation On DVD

8MM & Super8 films are your family’s heirloom of memories. Just like Hollywood preserves its own 35MM film, we provide the same care and quality to your home movies. It’s all done in house so you’ll never have to worry about lost shipments of films.

Our Film Transfer Process

The film is first cleaned with a non-abrasive film cleaner to remove dust build-up. Each frame of film is then scanned, rather than video taped, preserving the highest image quality possible. The result is a flicker-free, evenly lit movie preserved on state of the art DVD.

Once digitized, the films are ready to be placed on DVD or you may choose to have music, titles, narration & editing for a family keepsake generations will cherish.

3inch 8mm reels starts @ $20ea • larger 8mm reels starts @ 40¢/FT

Make Your Memories Last More Than A Lifetime

Photos fade. Film degrades. Slides projectors are hard to find. By processing your photos to digital images, memories are secured forever, never loose quality, and can be shared easily with family and friends. Archived to disc in JPEG & TIFF format.

Photos: starting at $1.25ea • Slides: starting at $2ea • Oversized: CALL
Volume Discounts Available

Photo Montage DVD

Setting memories to music is a treasured addition to any party or special event. Spires Creative creates photo montage videos from your photos and slides that come alive with motion and elegant effects. You Select the photos & music - leave the rest to us - we are experts in Photo Montage production!

Photo collage videos make great gifts, too! Perfect for anniversary, graduation, retirement, or birthday parties.

Contact Spires Creative today to receive a quote for your custom Photo Collage!

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