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Corporate Media Production

Spires Creative specializes in professional video productions and digital cinematography, offering full-featured commercial broadcast HD videography and editing services. We produce creative and lasting media content for television, web, trade shows and more at a fraction of the cost major city production studios charge.

Many of our clients come to us via advertising agencies, as well as broadcast television & cable studios, so we take pride in working closely with their guidance in order to produce your content quickly and efficiently.

Read about specific services we provide and call or e-mail us today
to find out what Spires Creative can do for you!

TV Commercials

Today's television audiences expect creative broadcast quality video production. If your television commercial delivers anything less, your image and branding will suffer. Let us take your company's commercial production to a new level that will stand out from other commercials that lack a creative touch.

Our talented writers, directors, and producers are skilled in crafting every aspect of your television message. Creating a concept that conveys your marketing message in the most effective way is what separates Spires Creative from the cable companies that create canned productions in order to get your advertising schedule running.

We Provide:

  • Pre-Production
  • Design Development
  • Scripting
  • Talent
  • Shooting
  • Graphics
  • Editing
  • Delivery

Contact Spires Creative today for a no fee consultation about commercial production.

Corporate Event Videography

For over 15 years, Spires Creative has provided video services to many small and large corporations, capturing meetings and corporate events for distribution and archive.

Spires Creative is discrete and professional, providing camera crews that get the job done, without detracting from presenters or distracting patrons. Most events can be performed with minimal staff and we always fit into your room layout, rather than needing to make changes for videography.

We also offer meeting solutions and rental options such as projectors, video decks, and more, should you need multimedia or other meeting enhancements. Our studio staff can help create presentation material for handouts and even enhance power point projects that catch the eye.

Contact Spires Creative today and make video a central part of any meeting or class.

Website Video Production

Spires Creative creates professional video presentations for your website with video production skills that will satisfy the needs of your company. Your Internet video presentation can be posted in different size formats while keeping in tune with your website's content and design. With more people utilizing the web to make purchase decisions, you can maximize your visitor's experience with audio and video.

Get your message across to visitors of your site, just like a TV commercial. With a focused viewing on the web, your message receives better attention than general TV advertising and has no cost involved with each showing.

Each web video is shot in the same manner as a TV commercial, providing you with an easy transition from web to TV advertising, or both.

Contact Spires Creative to find out how we can get your website working for you!

Trade show / Promotional Video Production

Trade Show Videos are a very effective way to draw attention and present your company’s products and services in the limited booth space provided by most trade shows, sales events, and product conferences.

A professionally produced presentation video drives home product details through motion graphics, ensuring effective response with or without sound, and adds a visual aspect to your setup that catches the attention of attendees.

At Spires Creative Media we create dynamic presentations that will get you noticed on trade floors, presentation halls, and kiosk booths. With available interactive control development for user actions, we can dynamically focus your message with menu based content selection and audio/text guided product tours.

Contact Spires Creative today to learn more about Trade show Videography.

Corporate Training Videos

The training and orientation of new employees can be costly and time consuming. Incorporating professionally produced training and instructional videos into your company’s procedures will improve both the quality of training and reduce many of your company’s costs. Most importantly, a consistent training structure will produce a more consistent employer, ultimately leading to higher productivity and more profit.

Most company turnover typically takes place within a new employee’s first couple of months, just after their training and orientation has ended. This wastes a large amount of resources as valuable executives find themselves repeating the same important information, over and over again. Professionally produced training videos will solve this problem and will free up your executives for more important matters.

Remember, learning is always more successful in an entertaining format. High quality videos are more convincing, and can contain much more detailed information, creating a more dynamic impact that your employees will be much more likely to remember throughout their time with the company.

Training DVDs can be duplicated for as little money as a color brochure and will provide many more years of consistent training than any other alternative.

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